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Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall is an R&B soul singer, from Berkeley California, with a love for hip-hop. He is a ‘gospel kid’ at heart, as he grew up singing in the Church. He started his career in the 80’s as the powerful lead singer for the Timex Social Club with billboard chart topping songs ‘RUMORS’ and 'Thinking About You Girl.' Michael’s voice is known worldwide for hit songs as a featured artist in multiple genres. His vocals are featured in the 90’s certified platinum rap song ‘I Got 5 On It’ by the LUNIZ, as well as ‘Your Body’ by house/dance music DJ Tom Novy. In 2005 Michael produced his first solo album, ‘Soul of the Bay’ which contains the autobiographical song “Who Is He." Michael continues to be featured in musical  collaborations, most notably with San Francisco Bay Area rapper E40, as well as long time collaborator Equipto with the K.I.M. (Keep It Movin’) albums.

Michael Marshall has many hits & memorable songs that will go down in history. These incredible songs have to make way for another dose of brilliance by Mr. Meezy.  His new Project “Grown & Sexy” is here!  You can also find Meezy’s voice and image as a contributing feature on the trailer for ‘The Last Black Man In San Francisco’ singing the classic “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)."

Twitter: @MikeMeezy | IG: @meezygrown

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Z-Man (given name Zamon) is an underground rapper and painter from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has released many full-length studio albums, several of which were self-recorded and released, and he has worked with numerous underground Bay Area rap legends. He is a frequent collaborator with other artists in the Gurp City collective, composed of Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, G-Pek, Conceit, topr, MC Oroville and Bay Area legend Eddie Def.[1] He has also worked with Hieroglyphics Crew, Disflex.6, and Refill Records.

Z-Man is also a painter with a broad body of acrylic-on-canvas paintings that portray cartoon-style hybrid creatures in vibrant, bold color schemes that often have thematic references to black culture. He paints all of his album covers and T-shirt designs, and has painted and drawn many album covers for other hip hop artists.

Twitter: @Zmantheoriginal | IG: @zmaineyzdazzle

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DJ True Justice

DJ True Justice’s ambition is to showcase the amount of talent that he has worked with and cultivated in the last 23 years. While still in high school, True Justice was a hip hop dancer for the Oakland, CA super-group A.P.G. (Action Packed Gangstas), and at the age of 16, he found himself doing concerts with the likes of Digital Underground, Capital Tax, and K-Cloud. This DJ witnessed 1st hand the birth of the independent hip hop game in the culturally rich Bay Area. He has since gone on to tour with Living Legends, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, Paris, The Alkaholiks, Jeru The Damaja, Lords Of The Underground, The Beatnuts, Onyx, Redman and EPMD, among others. In 2015, True orchestrated the first annual - and highly successful - Slap Frost Tour with Paris and Locksmith. True is now appearing throughout the USA and Europe supporting his sophomore effort, The Man of Steel, on Guerrilla Funk Recordings.

Twitter: @djtruejustice | IG: @djtruejustice

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Vocab Slick

Vocab Slick is an Emcee Residing in California’s North Bay Area, and founding member of the Hip Hop group Distant Relatives. In 2007, their album This Changes Everything was released and gained nationwide attention. In 2014, Vocab Slick kept busy by completing both The Somethin’ Slick EP, and the LP Issues and Episodes, with the former featuring Martin Luther and Opio of Souls of Mischief. College Radio & Internet Markets nationwide have embraced both efforts. He co-founded the Slap Frost Tour alongside DJ True Justice and Z-Man, which has included performances from fellow Bay Area heavyweights Locksmith, Paris, Planet Asia and Chino XL.

Twitter: @vocabslick | IG: @vocabslick

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San Francisco's Ilyich “Equipto” Sato first broke musical ground in the Golden Era of the 1990s with the legendary crew Bored Stiff, whose 90s releases encapsulated the classic SF sound and propelled them to underground fame and tours around the world in a era where few had the chance to travel and spread the Frisco rap gospel.  Transitioning toward solo works and collaborative projects, the 2000 era saw Equipto making collaborative records with the Bay’s finest: Andre Nickatina, Opio of Hieroglyphics, and Berner.  These three projects show his ultimate versatility: the Bay Hustler, the revolutionary journalist, the weeded wise-man.

With almost 20 years on the microphone, the Frisco statesmen is still involved in ground-breaking work, with a slate of new releases and a hearty touring schedule in the US, European & Japanese markets. 

Twitter: @equipto | IG: @equipto_415


+ Special Guest   James De Noir

Born in California's Bay Area and bread in the jazz and music-filled streets of Kansas City, Missouri: James De Noir is a modern-day maestro. The combination of his production with a soulful, jazzy and raw feel, combined with the conviction of his lyrical content and delivery, has allowed James to carve his own niche in the ever-evolving genres of Jazz Rap and Hip-Hop. 

Twitter: @jdconqueror | IG: @jdconqueror